Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pathfinder Next ... the next step in Social Fantasy Gaming!

I've been doing a lot of work on what I hope will be a quick way to get into the game.

What IS the game ?  I've combined what I think is the best of two fantasy gaming systems for today's gamer...  Pathfinder (by Paizo) and Dungeons & Dragons 5e (or Next)  (by Wizards of the Coast).

Rules have been cut away and replaced by simpler ones, ones which which maximizes the potential of the game...  that of having fun with friends.

Some knowledge of either system is helpful but not always necessary.  Having played at all in any RPG is a step towards more fun.

Here is one of my current fillable record sheets with a cutaway of the work which I have done...  all within Adobe Acrobat X Pro and it's Forms with JavaScript.  I've looked through many examples on W3Schools' JavaScript learning site and a couple of Google searches and found another gamer looking to do have the Mods automatically adjust for what you put into their Scores.

PFN CRS ... look at the fillable section!

This image is the record sheet with a section breakdown which I'll explain in another blog posting... look for PFNCRS Breakdown...

The image below is the data which I am using for PFN...  the character sheets and the character generator (yes this is in the works but the CRS is the ground for the CGen)..

Here's the back of the character sheet which may enlighten you a little bit further... and this a 2nd version...

Not all the classes and races are represented in my system.  Some have been taken out for the greater good and some have been substituted in their place.

Some House Rules I'll be loosely using...

1, Orcs, half-orcs, and all "green skinned beings" are now evil and no longer heroes.  They are no longer allowed to be a PC.

2. Heroic beginning stats are the starting place for ability scores and they go up from there depending on Race and Combat Type.

3.  No more experience points.  In their place Event Points based upon APL, CR, DC, and a few other things.  But if you can remember 16, 8, 4, and 2 you're half way there!

4.  5 Second Destiny.  If you can not think of anything, make a decision, a roll, or anything else before 5 seconds is up it's your destiny to be skipped over and the next in line to chomp up the baddies.

5.  When all else fails to make sense... make it up in the PC's favor!  Round up for PC's, round down for everything Vs the PC's.  If PC has 4.1 then it's fair at 4, but 4.5 round upto 5;  however if a monster gets a 4.9 round down to 4.

6.  Pick, put, play!  Pick up your dice, put them to use, and play until the Event(s) is done.  The more you can rack up the faster you and your party may level.

7. When in doubt... email me at marcaise@gmail ...  or look for me on Skype where I can share my desktop.  If that is flaky then we can use TeamSpeak or Ventrillo, both of which I have servers for.