Saturday, January 16, 2016

PFNCRS: Pathfinder Next character record sheet made simpler !!! (Public Edition)

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Okay my friends and followers I've been busy at work since last version of my PFNCRS and I've taken drastic measures (a few gnomes, dwarves, drow, beers, and catapults) to get this down to a ez-pz science.

Looking at this wouldn't you want to have it?  Click on the image and you'll see it's actually just a half a sheet of 8.5x11" paper...  what you don't see here is some shortcut explanations to the EVENT XP and some other PFN notes...  that will be on the Public (non-editable) version of the new form.

This one there are dropdown menus which give you the ROLE TYPE, Classes, their level selector. These were done in Adobe-JavaScript by myself and they'll just be for information purposes only. Once you have filled out the form you just send it to me for my records (or to your GM for his).

My idea for my local group is for me to have some mini Tablets which will run PDF's and be hooked up WiFi so while gaming I can send individuals notes, pictures, etc... and at the end of the evening collect the tablets.  If you want your updated PFNCRS just email it to yourself.  Anything which is on the tablet is for my record keeping and contents therein my property.  If it's not on that PFNCRS then it's not approved by me.  If it's on there and I forget or don't know and you prove it to me then it's bad on me (your GM).

STATS you put in but their Modifiers automatically fill in.  
HP column 1 is manual, but Col 2-4, Rez & Dead are auto. calculated for ease of melee.
MOVEMENTS, LOOKS, STAT ADJUSTS, GEAR, and POSSESSIONS/MONEY are all memo fields and lines can be filled out by giving them a line break (enter/return key).

Now what you've been wondering about...  what's in those drop downs!?!?!

Race : human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, dragonborn, tiefling, eladrin
Role : melee, ranged, arcane, divine, skilled
Class : barbarian, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, wizard, summoner, witch, warlock, samurai, ninja, magus, alchemist, gunslinger, inquisitor, monk

Each class has its own level dial / dropdown which goes from 1-20.  If you somehow play a game with a single class and you go beyond level 20 make CLASS 2 the same as CLASS 1; you will notice TOT CL goto 21.  A primary class can only be 1st through 20th level, however you may take a secondary class which adds together to make a higher Character Level Total (TOT CL).

What is all this stuff on the lower/back part of the PFNCRS ?

This is all players would need to know to advance and experience the world of PFN.

Event Types...

Encounter : you have encountered something you've never encountered before and you have lived to tell of your encounter.  This usually consumes little of your resources but may consume more under extreme/exotic circumstances/situations.

Defeat : you have defeated a "event situation", and both of you live to tell about it. Defeats could be you brought its resources/health to within 10% of it's maximum and it surrendered to you.  This usually consumes a moderate amount of your resources.

Kill : the most common occurrence with veteran parties...  you've killed the situation.  It may recover/resurrect over time. Party members may have perished in the accomplishment of this event and likewise may recover/resurrect over time.  This usually consumes all of the party's resources if not some in reserve.

Slay : this is the rarest occurrence with any party...  you've slain the situation and it will never recover...  not even a deific event (by the deities/gods) will change this.  Doing this will be a historical moment in some culture's existence.  Any and all resources are consumed, reserves depleted, favors called in, and a call for your resignation/retirement may occur.  Be proud because this has yet to happen...  but it's there so that the most difficult rewards of event(s) may be reaped.

Place : in your travels you personally may encounter a place that you've never been to. It's new to you so encountering such a place is the easiest and most difficult to gain Event XP (EXP).  If someone shows you where to go on a map where you haven't been you still get it's EXP.

Thing : you've come across some thing which you have never seen before.  It's not a PLACE and it's not a MONSTER so it is therefore simply classified as a THING. If you figure out how to properly use the Thing you get EXP from that too;  also figuring out something new to do with the Thing also grants you EXP.

Monster : by the term of the word is anything which attacks you/party to do defeat/kill/slay. These are the event types which most parties encounter in some Event or another and gain the most EXP from.

The Event Matracy tell how many of each event type it takes to level and their results. You may stack multiple place/thing/monster types (PTM's) but not the Encounter/Defeat/Kill/Slays (Events).  

- Example : you suddenly fall into a cave, recently dug by a purple worm with it's vast array of assassin's blades stuck in its maw.  Surprised by you it squirms away.  You are hurt from the fall but you live to get out, mark the hole, and go home to heal... and get your party together to hunt that big thing down.

Encounter : cave (place)

Encounter : assassin's blades (thing)
Encounter : purple worm (monster)
Defeat : purple worm ran away because you surprised it (defeat)

Place a mark in the ENCOUNTER row for each place, thing, & monster columns, then place another mark in the DEFEAT row in the monster column.  Add these up and if your number matches the "# of Events to Level" then you just did it.  One more monster defeat and the highest level persons roll off to see whom gets a level.

Event EXP works for the entire party so it makes it better for a party to stick together and work as a unit while having fun.  If a party member leaves, even temporarily, the entire party suffers and it makes it harder to level while the soloist jumps up in level (can only reach APL +3 levels maximum unless he disbands from the party permanently).  When rejoining the party the soloist's EVENT XP does not get added to the collective party Event XP but his newly attained levels make the APL go up more and the newer rewards may accelerate the party's advancement.