Monday, November 24, 2014

Work in progress...

I've been working on trying to make my games funner to play while extending them in real time.

I've had run AD&D 1e-3e and Pathfinder where PC's were inundated with terrific (and terrifying) magics, creatures beyond belief, and the like...  but the players did not see my vision.

Since starting to run I've seen many other GM's using more realism to their games and I have now understood the reason...  but now I'm hoping to step up and do a realism game yet the quest is beyond the normal structure of the campaign setting.

I am a fan of the Pathfinder Campaign setting and I believe my own rendition of the classic Throne of Bloodstone would do some justice to my gaming career as both player and game master.

My blog, Throne of Bloodstone ( ToBiG blog ) has some of my house rules there but I hope to get a discussion going and perhaps post here.

Hit Box is a concept of visualizing what you need during combat, the numbers you are always trying to add up and/or forgetting.  HB allows a quick way for GM's to keep track of PC's and NPC's and their vitals.

Broken down into columns allows for a easy visual to keep things flowing while keeping the PC alive in the game.  Columns "Rez" & "Dead" are there to signify the end of the line, when you can be risen or when you hand in your records to the GM for shredding (and maybe party loot).

HD  hit points divided by eight.  How many hits will you take before going down ?  Each column is a quarter of your full health (HP) without buffs.

HP is like HD (above) but is the 1:1 ratio.

BAB, Base Attack Bonus, or simply the best main hand (MH) attack, best off hand (OH) attack, next MH, next OH, and next if Hasted, and then if you have 20/15/10/5 attacks then a lucky last attack.

AC, Armor Class, is best, touch, then flatfoot.

DR, SR, MR%, Damage Resistance, Spell Resistance, and Magic Resistance.  If you have them they go in these spots.

STUN, if you suffer a hit which gives you this much damage (either HD or HP) then you are given the STUN condition for a number of rounds listed.  This correlates directly to how many hits you have taken (by HD or HP).

Hitbox v2, updated on 16-December-2014 by Marcaise

Hitbox v.2.0 includes the standard HitBox information AND adds to it Expeditious Levelling (below).

Expeditious Levelling is my concept of allowing levelling at a rate equivalent to the experience tables in various system.  Your level plus your next level is the base challenge rating (CR) of the stuff your party needs to level.  Based upon the Average Party Level (APL) of a group of four PC's.  This does not mean you actually level faster but instead of keeping track of experience by points events are kept track of instead.

I'll be making a webpage with tables so you can actually see these tables and will be linked here when they are ready / done.

I don't like math as much as the next person and counting my pennies just sucks.  So what I came up with was a EVENT REWARD TABLE which should move things along and up the levelling charts.

  • seen event/target in person and lived
  • seeing something new and proof to another outside of your party
  • event/target may be encountered in any condition: Friendly, Neutral, or Hostile
  • a hostile event/target in which said event was defeated during your immediate presence and time
  • defeated need only surrender or flee but doesn't need to be killed/slain.
  • you (or with party) need only survive this event to gain XP.  You must have had dealt damage or "support" equal to or more than a quarter of its listed XP value from the Monster Manual (or its equivalent if a "Thing"; see later).
Kill (Fatality):
  • a hostile event/target you (or with party) have dispatched temporarily from gameplay (storyline) until it is resurrected (or recreated)
  • event/target is removed from gameplay until becoming fully healthy again, a condition called "Arisen" which mortals can only be Arisen be brought back a certain number of times. "Deific" designated targets have unlimited times to be Arisen being Defeated or Killed, however if Slain it is handled different.
    • Arisen mortals start with a number of Arisen Points equal to his starting Constitution Bonus (or Modifier, whichever is higher during Character Creation)
    • Cannot be changed or affected, ever
    • from another variant AD&D 1E, equivalent to Death Points
    • Killing an Arisen gives a one-time chance a bonus reward
      • roll 1d20, on a 20 receive 150% of Arisen Kill Reward
  • a kill means the hostile event/target was taken down to zero to negative ten health (0 to -10 hp)
Slay (Slain):
  • hostile event/target which has taken so much damage (negative eleven or more) it cannot naturally heal itself, or no heal nor resurrection is possible
  • a "Deific" classed hostile event/target must be slain twice
    • once slain they attain a "Slain by (Hero's Name)" title as a marker for extinction. 
    • if slain twice (truly, a "true death") the hostile event/target will never come back and becomes a Historical Event
    • slaying twice gives both slayers an extra reward chance
      • roll 1d20, on a 1 receive 300% of Deific Slain Reward
EVENT, Number of times the following Events need be achieved to obtain the next level, keeping in mind that you are in a party of four of average party level (the basic APL)...

Event List

  • Encounter: 16 Places, 8 Things, 4 Monsters
  • Defeat : 8 places, 4 things, 2 monsters
  • Kill :4 places, 2 things, 1 monster
  • Slay/Destroy : 2 places, 1 thing, 1 monster

All Events based upon an average CR for your APL.